Join the scientific, regulatory and Oil and Gas communities to share knowledge and experience of the environmenal challenge of decommissioning of O&G platforms, from the three different perspectives.

Rig And Whale

The marine ecosystem is today populated by numerous anthropogenic (man-made) structures.  Every structure has an environmental footprint – some are small and have localised impact (both positive and negative), others are large with far-reaching influence.  Many of the most significant structures, such as hydrocarbon platforms, are now so well-established that they are themselves part of the ecosystem within which they are situated.  “To remove or not to remove” is a major challenge posed to both the Regulatory and Oil & Gas sectors - a challenge which the scientific community is exceptionally well placed to help with.

Decommissioning of E&P platforms from an environmental perspective is a major challenge. For many platforms (pre 1999) there is no pre-installation survey – without robust baseline monitoring data how can the true impact of removal be assessed? Platforms with their exclusion zones can act as nursery grounds, and platforms themselves can act as artificial reefs – assessing the scale of these effects is key - how will their removal impact the ecosystem which has established itself? What will be the noise impact of the cutting techniques used? Which cutting technique will be the least impactful?

The workshop seeks to pull together delegates from across the Scientific, Regulatory and Oil & Gas communities. Expert speakers  will share their extensive knowledge and experience of the environmental challenge from their different perspectives, with hearty interactive debate from the floor being encouraged to ensure the optimal flow and exchange of ideas. 

By working, thinking and debating together, we can find solutions together!

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